Clinical Consultation for Skilled Facilities

Dedicated to providing high level treatment and medical consultation in collaboration with medical staff and nurse managers.

Consistent On-Site & On-Call Support

An involved Nurse Practitioner is vital to creating positive patient outcomes and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

Practitioner Training & Ongoing Support

Impact Health’s goal is to instill 100% confidence in every Nurse Practitioner to successfully navigate within today’s busy skilled nursing facilities.

For Skilled Nursing Homes

Nurse Practitioners are an integral part of a skilled facility’s medical staff. With consistent on-site consultation, they can enhance clinical outcomes and help to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

For Nurse Practitioners

Today’s skilled facilities and assisted living communities need to provide their residents with clinical support that delivers care solutions in real-time. A Nurse Practitioner can do that.

About Impact Health PC

Training and support are key to developing a culture of integrity and strength. One where a Nurse Practitioner gains the knowledge and confidence needed to operate in a high-paced environment.

What an NP can do for you

Admission Facilitation

Acceptance and review for safe admissions.

Discharge Planning

Oversight of all aspects for safe discharges home.

Hospitalization Avoidance

Utilization of facility resources to treat in place.

Post-Acute Care

Management of care for optimal patient recovery.

Physician Collaboration

Integrate best approaches with medical staff.

Chronic Care Management

Assessment and follow-up for long term chronic conditions.

Urgent Care

Clinical intervention in treatment for urgent care.

On-call Clinical Support

ANP within reach off hours and on weekends.

Our Philosophy & Culture

  • Committed to providing whole care solutions
  • Believe best approach is true collaboration
  • Patient centered care
  • Align ourselves with facility goals for positive outcome
  • Mindful of role we play in recovery and care
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