Clinical Collaboration

Medical Nurse Practitioners

Today’s skilled nursing facilities need Nurse Practitioners who collaborate effectively and align themselves with your care team. This level of partnership is vital to your patients, and their families, overall well-being.

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Clinical Consultation

Strong emphasis on maintaining quality measures, effective communication and compliance within these highly regulated environments.

  • Appropriately treat in-place
  • Collaborative culture
  • Knowledge of regulatory expectations
  • Consistent on-site/on-call support
  • Educate and counsel
  • On-site NP training
  • Cost conscious
  • Documentation within EMR
  • Effective communication
  • Chronic care management
Your Focus is Ours

Skilled Nursing Facilities are one of the most highly regulated segments of in-patient care in the country, making a medical level provider on-site a vital part of your medical staff.

Advanced Care Planning

Nurse Practitioners can effectively manage all aspects of care planning.

Hospitalization Avoidance

Nurse Practitioners can collaborate to avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

Specialty Referrals

Nurse Practitioners can consult with specialists for optimal care solutions.

Chronic Care Management

Nurse Practitioners can be a resource in long term care management.

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Short Story about
Impact Health PC

Established in 2017, Impact Health evolved from the notion that better care begins with better support. We were created by a well-respected and progressive company in the Northeast. They have been growing with the skilled care industry since 1984, and along the way have developed award winning and accredited support services exclusive to this environment. From pharmacy services, to mobile diagnostics, to home healthcare, and now… Nurse Practitioner consulting. We know skilled care and are committed to bringing about positive outcomes, no matter where we practice.

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