Contactless monitoring

Remote Patient Management (RPM)

RPM involves the collection and analysis of physiologic data used to develop and menage a treatment plan related to chronic or acute health conditions.

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Common Diagnosis for RPM

Acute or chronic conditions where monitoring biometric will support early identification in change of condition related cardiac, pulmonary, diabetes, and other symptoms indicative of risk.

Clinical Consultation

Strong emphasis on maintaining quality measures, effective communication and compliance within these highly regulated environments.

  • Appropriately treat in-place
  • Collaborative culture
  • Knowledge of regulatory expectations
  • Consistent on-site/on-call support
  • Educate and counsel
  • On-site NP training
  • Cost conscious
  • Documentation within EMR
  • Effective communication
  • Chronic care management

Inpatient or at home

RPM devices can be easily installed at the bedside in skilled nursing facilities or at home. Once data collection begins, providers can respond in real time to the patient’s vital sign or symptom alerts. Services are billed monthly to patients’ insurance if they meet the minimum criteria during that calendar month. Every member of our team plays a critical role in the success of the program and the outcomes for our patients.

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