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Remote Patient Management

Contactless remote patient monitoring system.

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Our Focus

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Clinical Consultation

Strong emphasis on maintaining quality measures, effective communication and compliance within these highly regulated environments.

  • Appropriately treat in-place
  • Collaborative culture
  • Knowledge of regulatory expectations
  • Consistent on-site/on-call support
  • Educate and counsel
  • On-site NP training
  • Cost conscious
  • Documentation within EMR
  • Effective communication
  • Chronic care management
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In today’s skilled nursing facility, treatment and care is highly scrutinized. Having specialists that understand this is vital.

Diagnostic Experience

We provide diagnosis, and treatment of Dementia, major mental illnesses, emotional disorders, psychotic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance-related disorders, and adjustment disorders.

Hospitalization Avoidance

Nurse Practitioners can collaborate to avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

Medication Reduction Program

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Proven Outcomes

Our psychiatric consult service has proven outcomes in designing and implementing therapies and systems that have measurable quality outcomes integrating principle of care, efficiency, and cost.

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